Change Management: Security Friend or Foe?

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How often have you as a security professional looked at the change management process and said, “gosh I hate doing this?” More times than you can count?

Change management has been the bane of many technologists existence.  Unintended consequences from administrative changes are a leading cause of security incidents and breaches. Watch our webinar with Larry Whiteside Jr., Chief Security Officer at LCRA, to learn how he approaches keeping an organization that operates in over 58 counties in Texas secure while constantly adapting to change.

In this on-demand webinar you'll learn:

  • How to implement security best practices to allow rapid business change with complete accountability
  • How to be notified in real-time about suspicious or out-of-policy changes that dramatically increase your company's risk
  • How to integrate user activity monitoring and change management to provide a fully automated platform for secure change management