"VDI" or Very Defenseless Infrastructure?

When it comes to securing your VDI environment, the best defense is a good offense. A lack of visibility into remote activity within virtual desktops will leave you blindsided. Not only must organizations secure remote access portals, they must ensure virtual desktop access and usage isn’t being misused or exploited.

Watch this recorded webinar to learn how monitoring your virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environment with ObserveIT will allow you to know exactly what users are doing within VDI desktop sessions, investigate unauthorized changes, identify unscheduled tasks, and review after hour’s logins.

We’ll cover key use case and scenarios that highlight the value of using ObserveIT for VDIs:

  • Detect app abuse and data misuse within VDIs
  • Troubleshoot problems with VDI and remote access
  • Be ready for an audit whenever one may crop up