How Allianz Monitors Privileged Users on Cloud Private

Michael Holder, Head of Global Infrastructure and Directory Services at Allianz Insurance shares how he monitors over 300 IBM contractors who have access to critical health data infrastructure.  This was a critical compliance requirement of their $2.0 billion global private cloud initiative.

Hear from Michael why “ObserveIT is a business critical system for us, addressing key legal regulations while also providing unparalleled visibility into what our contractors and consultants are doing with our sensitive systems and data.”

This webinar shows how to:

  • Meet strict regulation restrictions to protect data while working with external partners such as consultants, service providers, and/or contractors
  • Monitor and audit remote vendor activity to ensure they stay within assigned tasks and pose no risk to the organization
  • Perform user audits of applications run, system commands executed, text entered/edited, URLs visited and all on-screen events

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