Past, Present, and Future of Privileged Identity Management (PIM) at Asurion

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Are your super users a threat? Learn how Asurion built a state-of-the-art Privileged Identity Management (PIM) program and what they have in store for the future. 

In this webinar, Matt Chambers, Principal of Identity and Access Management at Asurion, will cover best practices, speed bumps and bruised knees in his journey to a first-in class PIM program. 

Asurion is one of the country’s largest providers of device protection services that operates in 14 countries with 15,000 employees serving 280 million consumers. Listen to Matt talk about how he keeps the sensitive information of Asurion’s employees and customers safe.

This webinar will address the following questions:
• What drove Asurion to PIM?
• How did they control privileged accounts before?
• What’s their current PIM strategy today?
• Where are they headed in the future?