Improve Application Data Protection Through User Activity Monitoring

Applications are the window to our data and have become prime avenues to steal, leak or destroy valuable data. Once a user logs into core applications, questionable actions are often hidden in the large volume of data generated through normal user activities. This can lead to overlooked and undetected exposure of sensitive information and represents a major security blind-spot where an increasing number of today’s security incidents and data breaches occur.

Sign-up for this webinar to identify the various user activities that should be monitored to improve data protection — including the usage of unauthorized cloud applications, large copy operations, exporting certain reports, and unnecessary information access.

After this webinar you'll know how to:

  • Establish an early warning system of data exposure like large copy paste operations
  • Identify if anyone is using unauthorized cloud apps like Dropbox or WeTransfer
  • See which users are viewing information they shouldn’t be (SS#, patient records)