How to Build an Insider Threat Program in 30 Minutes

The goal of this webinar is to demonstrate how to build a pragmatic insider threat program for your organization.

insider threat program - own it.png

People are the core of your business, but they are also responsible for 90% of security incidents. There is no patch for people. To reduce the likelihood of insider threats, you need the right people, process and technology to make it happen.

Watch this webinar replay and learn how to own the insider threat program at your company.

After this webinar you’ll know:

  • Terminology – what are the buzzwords (Insider Threat)
  • People – who needs to be involved to make it happen (exec team, legal, HR, etc.)
  • Process – how do you operationalize an insider threat program
  • Technology— how Insider Threat Management solutions work (ObserveIT)

About the speaker:

Jim Henderson is the CEO of and Jim is a renowned Insider Threat Defense Program Training (ITDP) Course Instructor and has 15 years of hands-on experience developing successful Counterespionage-Insider Threat Defense Programs.