How Xerox Monitors Employees to Protect Core Apps

The Xerox Affiliated Computer Services (ACS) division provides IT and data services in nearly 100 countries, and has taken a new approach to securing their business-critical digital record application.

Watch this recorded webinar with Arvo Bowen, Security Administrator, to learn how Xerox ACS leverages ObserveIT to immediately identify and respond to any suspicious, malicious or out of policy user behavior within their applications.

This webinar shows how to:

  • Gain visibility into the uploading of highly sensitive information
  • Improve security, documentation and reporting of application usage
  • Simplify troubleshooting of employee complaints within applications


"The video playback is terrific, and ObserveIT's user activity logs make it very easy to quickly review what users are doing, and to search for particular actions, such as any time a user modified or deleted a particular file. Having video evidence of any situation is priceless." -Arvo Bowen