What You Don't Know Will Hurt You

A Study of the Risk from Application Access and Usage

ObserveIT sponsored this Ponemon Institute study of the Risk from Application Access and Usage. The purpose of this study is to examine application access and usage and how it has created a major security problem for organizations. The study surveyed 610 U.S. IT and IT security practitioners. 

Abused application access and data misusage have been the cause of the majority of data breaches, as well as costly fines and litigation. Consider the case of the Morgan Stanley financial advisor who accessed a financial application and downloaded account data on 10 percent of their wealth management clients (~350,000 people). Or, an AT&T call center employee who accessed sensitive customer data without adequate authorization and exposed customer names and Social Security numbers (~280,000 people).

Companies and their employees are becoming increasingly dependent upon applications to achieve business goals and increase productivity. However, this proliferation of applications is creating a serious security risk.

Ponemon Report