Privileged User Monitoring for Data Security and Compliance

We trust admins with the proverbial “keys to the kingdom” and direct access to the company’s most sensitive data, but are we doing enough to ensure data security and compliance?

Root, domain admin and super user are all accounts with elevated privileges that give users full control over the systems they are managing. Account compromise or misuse of escalated privileges pose a significant threat. These elevated privileges increase the risk associated with these accounts and require additional safeguards such as user behavior monitoring and alerting.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • Which privileged user activities should be closely monitored and alerted upon
  • What’s happening in all admins sessions and even for actions that do not generate logs
  • How to see if users are accessing information they shouldn’t be in critical systems or deleting files
  • How to identify which users are remotely accessing your systems or changing permissions

Super User or Super Threat.png